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Organisation and Business Transformation

Organizational and business transformation involves restructuring how a company operates to improve efficiency and growth, driven by new technologies, redesigned workflows and strong leadership.


organisation strategies

  • Target Operating Model

  • Organization Design and Structures

  • Job Design (Job Analysis, Job Descriptions, Job Evaluations)

Performance management

  • Score cards - KRAs and KPIs

  • Performance Management System Design

Business Processes and Decision Rights

  • Business processes design, process reviews and audits

  • Delegation of authorities and powers, SOPs and RACI

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • HR Due Diligence

  • Post Merger Integration

Workforce Planning

  • Talent Landscape Studies (talent supply studies)

  • Workforce projections and cost optimization

  • Workforce transition / outplacement



  • Incentive Plan and Variable Pay Design

  • Compensation Benchmarking 

  • Rewards Redesign

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